Sunday, March 24, 2019


Borobudur tourism. Borobudur temple was the biggest and the great Budhist Temple in the world, and become one of seven wonders world that diserved to visit as borobudur tourism. Borobudur tourism consist visit borobudur temple, borobudur village tours, and prambanan tour.

borobudur tour package
Borobudur Sunrise Moment 
Borobudur tour. We are the legal tour company "Abhisekatour" provide the borobudur tour also prambanan tour package. A day yogyakarta tours can do tour to borobudur temple and prambanan temple. Your borobudur tour will take by our borobudur tour driver and borobudur tour guide, so you will take highly qualified services with Abhisekatour for borobudur tour package.

borobudur tourism service
Prambanan temple
Borobudur tour package. We did borobudur tour package more than 8 years, so we can do know the kind borobudur tour package to appreciate your limited Borobudur tour time. Our borobudur tour package that you might choose as follow :

DAY 1st
Landed noon at Yogyakarta airport
Prambanan temple
Ijo temple sunset
Hotel chek in at Borobudur area
End tour

DAY 2nd
Borobudur sunrise tour
Back hotel to get breakfast
Borobudur village tour using bycicle or horse carriage
Hotel check out
Sultan palace
Hotel check in at Yogyakarta area
End tour

Start 7 AM from hotel/airport
Borobudur temple 8.30 AM - 10.30 AM
Mt.Merapi lava tour using jeep 11.30 AM - 1.30 PM
Prambanan temple 3 PM - 5 PM
Back hotel/airport

Start 3.45 from hotel
Borobudur sunrise till 7 AM
Borobudur village tour using bycicle 7.30 AM - 10.30 AM
Lunch time
Prambanan temple 12.30 AM - 2 PM
Hotel, end tour 3 PM

borobudur village tour
borobudur village tour using bycicle

merapi lava tour
mt.merapi lava tour using jeep
Borobudur tourism service. Abhisekatour will do happyly if you soonest drop off your messages into our CONTACT FORM above or contact us using whatsapp or viber (number above) for your borobudur travel service


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